May 22nd - 23rd, 2024 | The “Can't Miss” 2 Day Virtual Event for Financial Services Professionals: CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers, CFOs, Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners and Insurance Professionals

If you are a TRUSTED ADVISOR to your clients, you need to be in the virtual room!

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Alternative Careers in Sports Academy (ACSA)

ACSA Stands with the Athlete Seeking a Change

The Alternative Career Sports Academy (ACSA) guides the families of young athletes beyond the field, educating them on financial fitness, protecting their current and future value, and planning for life after sports. ACSA prepares them for both their present journey and what’s to come once the game ends.

The Planning Your Profits Summit is a two-day, virtual event for financial services companies to stop leaving revenue paths undefined, unplanned, and unprofitable. Learn how to generate more money in your business. The Summit will take place on Wed, May 22 and Thurs, May 23, 2024 from 9 am - 3 pm PST both days.

Why Attend The May 2024 Summit?

  1. You will learn how to WIN prospective clients, consistently

  2. You will learn how to GROW your business and increase recurring revenue

  3. You will learn how to apply tested frameworks to your networking, sales and marketing so you stop leaving money on the table.

This Summit Is For You If:

  1. You are ready to generate more money in your business

  2. You are ready to get access to higher value clients

  3. You are ready to increase profitability 

This Summit Is NOT For You If:

  1. You are happy with your current growth

  2. You do not want to create more revenue in your business

  3. You do not want to learn from experts who can shorten your learning curve

The October 2023 Training Vault Is Open!

For a limited time, you can get access The Planning Your Profits Summit, No Revenue Left Behind When You Have A Plan hosted 10 Expert Speakers. Check out the training clips below!

Meet Our Speakers

Maximize Your Money: The Business Development Blueprint!

Cameo Roberson

Founder of Atlas Park &

Host of The Planning Your Profits Summit.

Becoming A Connection Catalyst: Strategies for Building and Leveraging a Powerful Network!

Building strategic scale requires setting clear and measurable business goals. The Capital Group reflects that the highest growth advisors spent more time on practice management related activities. Advisors with an eye for growth want to know how to move their ideas from concept to profit. Attendees will learn The S.C.O.R.E.™ Method to get the most out of your planning efforts and ability to profit consistently.

About Cameo Roberson

Cameo Roberson is the Founder of Atlas Park Consulting, a Business Coaching & Fractional COO Agency for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management firms. Atlas Park helps leaders and teams execute their growth strategy, improve business processes, streamline operations and systematize the day-to-day; without feeling overwhelmed so you can be prepared for next level growth. Previously, Cameo spent more than 15 years in the client service and operational trenches of fee-only and fee-based advisory firms. Her experience and expertise in practice management techniques, creates presentations that are new, different and relevant. Cameo has been interviewed about how advisors can drive growth through the coordination of people, processes and technology in several publications: including Wealth Management Magazine, The Journal of Financial Planning, Forbes Magazine and Investor’s Business Daily. Cameo has presented practice management workshops for Fortune 500 company, The Lincoln Financial Network; appeared in webinars for the Financial Planning Magazine, XY Planning Network, HIFON and The Financial Planning Association.

Content that Ranks! How to Build Your Practice Through SEO

Creating content that will rank on the search engines has become extremely challenging for the financial industry.  With more advisors publishing content, and competition from personal finance blogs and major media companies,  "just write good content" is not longer a successful SEO strategy for financial planning firms.  In this session we will cover what types of content you should be writing, how to select topics that you have a chance to rank for, how to set up and format your blog posts, how to add your keywords, and what role A.I. can play in your content creation process.

About Brent Carnduff

For the past 12 years I have worked with financial advisors to help grow their businesses through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have an MBA in Financial Planning, and have presented at NAPFA, XYPN, and FinCon conferences in the past.

Brent Carnduff

Advisor Rankings

Kathleen Burns Kingbury

KBK Wealth Connection

Unleash Your True Value: How to Shift Your Mindset, Boost Your Confidence, and Close More Sales

Do you struggle to communicate your worth to prospects, clients and leaders? Do you grapple with fear and uncertainty when selling  your services? Then it’s time to learn how to unleash your true value. If you are like many advisors , you flourish when it comes to building relationships, but find self-promotion and fee-conversations challenging. You don’t want to be too salesy, or turn people off so you downplay your experience and expertise. The result is fewer sales and lower earnings.  If you want to get unstuck, learn new skills, and make more,  this workshop is for you. Attend discover the five steps you need to master to sell more to your ideal clients.

About Kathleen Burns Kingbury

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is an internationally published author, coach and consultant. Her firm, KBK Wealth Connection, was a trailblazer in educating advisors about working with women, couples and families. Voted one of the top nine keynote speakers by InvestmentNews, Kathleen is dedicated to empowering women and the advisors that serve them. Her most recent program, Unleash Your True Value, shifts advisors mindsets so they can charge for their true value,  increase sales, and feel really good about it.

Money Matters, Emotions Matter More: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Finance

Brittany Young (Wealthy Brittany) |||Money Matters, Emotions Matter More: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Finance   ||||In the world of finance, where numbers often take the spotlight, there lies a powerful yet often overlooked determinant of success – emotional intelligence. Join me in exploring the fascinating intersection of money and emotions as we delve into the heart of financial prowess. In 'Money Matters, Emotions Matter More: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Finance,' we will unravel the significance of understanding and managing emotions in the high-stakes realm of finance. Discover how emotional intelligence can be your secret weapon in building strong client relationships, making strategic decisions, and navigating the complexities of the financial landscape. Together, we will explore practical strategies and real-world examples, empowering you to leverage the often untapped force that emotions bring to financial success. Get ready to elevate your financial acumen by embracing the power of emotional intelligence – because in the end, it's not just about the numbers, it's about mastering the art of human connection in finance.

About Brittany Young

Brittany Young is a dynamic professional with an illustrious 15-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her journey, she has collaborated with CEOs, top executives, and skillfully closed multi-million dollar sales deals. Her impressive accomplishments include building a substantial book of business encompassing more than 300 clients. Within a remarkable span of 2.5 years, she astoundingly scaled her territory from $800K to an exceptional $6M.However, Brittany's passion and purpose have taken her beyond the corporate realm. Today, she is an esteemed Executive Coach and Sales Mentor, exclusively focused on empowering Female Financial Advisors. Drawing from her extensive experience, Brittany guides and supports women in achieving greater financial prosperity through a groundbreaking and permission-based sales process called "The Permission Process.”

Brittany Young

Wealthy Brittany

Donnie Bryant

of Donnie Bryant

The I.N.V.S.T. Method for Getting More Clients with Email

Email marketing can be an effective tool for building your firm. Unfortunately, most financial professionals were never taught the strategies that really work. In this session, you'll learn a proven 5-step method you can use to build trust quickly, differentiate yourself from every potential competitor and generate more appointments with PRESOLD prospects with email marketing. The method works, even if you hate writing!

About Donnie Bryant

Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter and consultant. For the past 8 years, he's worked with clients in various financial verticals, including wealth management, stock market education, accounting services, investment newsletters, even life insurance and annuities. His copy has generated over $130 million in revenue for his clients.

Elisa Ellis

Turnkey Style

Unlocking the Power of Style

When you unlock your style by showing up authentically, on brand, and with confidence you can boost your productivity, elevate your sales, and help to foster collaboration in the workplace. Elevating your personal brand is all about developing your persona, making an impact, and standing out which can then be used to attract more clients, create greater awareness, and have more influence. Your style can help set you apart from others and impact how you communicate, from your personality to your core values and principles. I highlight how these elements can significantly influence productivity, decision-making, sales, foster collaboration, and more.

About Elisa Ellis

How you show up for yourself can affect and determine how others show up for you. Elisa is a wardrobe stylist, speaker, best selling author and online course creator. Personal styling is more than a wardrobe haul, it’s a total transformation that introduces you to your inner awesomeness. The person that's confident, effortlessly stylish, and ready to take more risks for their dreams. For close to a decade, Elisa has been transforming closets and the lives of her clients in the US and abroad. Whether you are a business owner, executive, in corporate, management, or an entrepreneur, Elisa believes that how you show up matters and she is passionate about sharing how to 'Up Your Style Game' so you are more productive, are memorable, confident, and attract more success. She also works with businesses to help them guide and educate their teams about the power of professional presence, how an authentic personal image is linked to their success, and gives tips on how to present themselves in ways that helps them reach their highest potential.

You Cannot Be Your Client's Only Advisor

Every client needs a team, no advisor can provide them with all of the deliverables, insights, and support they need to protect themselves, their families and their assets.  Spending time with other members of your client's advisory team, or helping them build an advisor team they can count on, is the mark of a true professional.  Learn how financial advisors, insurance brokers, estate planning and other attorneys, and real estate professionals must work together to truly support and care for every client.  Patricia De Fonte is an estate planning attorney in California. She and her team provide all of her client's advisors with the information and documents they need to ensure their advisors are taking the right steps to protect their clients and their assets.  By spending meaningful time with other professionals, Patricia knows how to spot an issue. She may not have the answer, but she knows who to send her clients to for thoughtful, thorough assistance.

About Patricia De Fonte

Patricia De Fonte is an estate planning attorney in California. She tells every client "My network is your network" and her clients rely on her for referrals to financial advisors, insurance professionals, realtors, mortgage brokers and so much more. She and her team practice Estate Planning With Heart via video conference with clients all over California

Patricia De Fonte

De Fonte Law

How to Build a Weekly "Content Marketing Machine"

Consumers are looking online for financial education on more platforms than ever. They look for information on Google, ChatGPT, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, and YouTube.This means advisors have an incredible opportunity to provide high-quality financial education online that meets consumers where they are and creates authoritative visibility.We’ll walk through my blueprint for generating high-quality financial insights consistently and in about 2-3 hours per week.We’ll cover my exact process for choosing topics and tools for generating a “wealth” of content that leads to visibility, and (yes) even prospective clients.

About Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds, CFP®, CSRIC®, AIF®, CFT-I™ is a Financial Advisor and Principal at Elevation Financial LLC. He’s a former digital marketing agency owner and career changer. After running his marketing agency for 23 years, he sold his business and launched his RIA three months later. He’s now loving his career as an advisor and enjoys using his marketing and tech chops to build his RIA. He is also host of Wealth Redefined®, a weekly podcast on finance and wealth-building.

Michael Reynolds

Elevation Financial

Susan Danzig

of Susan Danzig, LLC

Future-Proof Your Business: Strategies to Elevate Your Marketing and Conversions in 2024 and Beyond

What You Will Gain:A commanding brand identity helping you prospect from the position of expert.Customized marketing strategies aligning with your business aspirations.Masterful marketing communication insights to enhance online visibility.Techniques to captivate and engage your target audience.Strategies to deepen client trust, articulating the unique value you bring to the table.Plus, immerse in deep dive learning sessions about brand refinement, client engagement systems, and a robust 90-day marketing plan. Are you set on making 2024 the best year you've had yet? This webinar is your launching pad.

About Susan Danzig

As an experienced Business Development Coach for financial services professionals, Susan Danzig leverages a 20+ year career guiding clients to achieve greater business success. Throughout her progressive career, she served as a catalyst for growth with a long track record of helping clients communicate their value, define their specialization, and create effective marketing strategies that attract ideal clients and grow firms consistently. Susan is a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Certified Business Development Coach. Through Coach U, one of the premier coach training programs in the world, she received training in advanced group, business, and personal coaching skills. Susan is also a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner through NLP of California. This training provided her the tools to activate her clients’ mindset and grow their business. A strong contributor to the financial services industry and her local community, Susan demonstrates her passion for shaping the industry’s future as a past National Board Member for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and former President of the East Bay Chapter of the FPA.

Strategic Business Development: Pathways to Growth and Efficiency

This talk will explore a series of interconnected strategies aimed at bolstering business growth and streamlining operations, including market expansion techniques, innovation in product and service offerings, and the cultivation of strategic alliances. Attendees will gain insights into the integration of advanced analytics, the utilization of digital marketing, and the importance of operational agility. The session will equip business leaders with actionable intelligence and strategic frameworks applicable across various industries.

About Rasheeda Frazier

Rasheeda Frazier is an esteemed business development strategist with over ten years of expertise in guiding businesses to surpass operational challenges and scale new heights. She holds a B.S. in Organizational Management from Mercy College and is a certified Entrepreneur/Business Life Coach. Rasheeda's diverse roles, including a licensed Notary Public and active participation in leading business associations, underscore her comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.Her leadership at Empowering Greatness Inc. showcases her commitment to driving business growth and her innovative 'Greatness Factor' methodology. Rasheeda is celebrated for her transformative client work and value-driven strategies, establishing her as a trusted advisor and dynamic speaker. Her passion for actualizing business potential makes her a distinguished thought leader in the business community, where she consistently fosters lasting success and impact.

Rasheeda Frazier

Empowering Greatness

Sneak Peak Inside the Vault.

Included With Your May Summit Ticket!

Cameo Roberson

Why You Need Strategic Planning to Boost Your Profits!

Adriane Simpson

How to Sell on LinkedIn without Sounding too Salesy

Dr. Barbara Provost

Reach, Engage and Earn the Female Dollar

Mike Williams

Principles of Effective Time Management

Dr. Michele Josey

Drive up your sales and conversions with data!

Arielle Minicozzi

Top 5 Lead Automations for Financial Services Professionals

Crystal Shanks

Want to increase your conversion rate by 17% or more?

Julie Pinkerton

The Art Of Rainmaking

Ryan McCrary

How To Create A Sales Funnel System That Converts into Cash

Dana Wilson

Leveraging Strategic Partnership for Scale

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Virtual Event Program Guide

BONUS #1: 10X Your Revenue With These 5 Strategies

BONUS #2: 10 Sales Hacks Every Business Owner Needs To Add $$ To Your Bank Account

Maximize Your Money: The Business Development Blueprint!

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Cameo Roberson

Your Host & Speaker

As appeared at XYPN Live 2023, Women In Financial Services (WIFS), The Lincoln Financial Group & NAPFA

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Planning Your Profits May 2024 Summit FAQs

What is the Planning Your Profits Summit?

The Planning Your Profits Summit is a tailored event for financial services professionals seeking strategies to increase revenue and grow their businesses. The 2X yearly event hosts 10 expert speakers on topics of importance.

When is the Planning Your Profits Summit taking place?

The virtual summit is scheduled for May 22 - 23rd, 2024, from 9 am - 3 pm daily

When will the May 2024 speakers lineup be released?

The speakers lineup will be announced on January 31, 2024 and you can expect the same caliber of speakers from our earlier summit!

How can I register for the May 2024 Planning Your Profits Summit?

You can secure your spot by visiting our registration page

Is there a cost to attend the Planning Your Profits Summit?

Yes, the event hosts a GOLD VIP and PLATINUM VIP experience for attendees with exclusive benefits!

Can I access the summit recordings if I miss a session?

Yes, all summit sessions will be recorded and PLATINUM attendees will have access to the recordings.

When do I get access to the October 2023 Vault?

Immediately! When you purchase your GOLD or PLATINUM ticket you will be able to access the expert training to watch immediately.

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